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The W4B Network Shop

Click on the designs below to be taken to the product page for each. You can have t-shirts, caps, mugs and so much more. All with exclusive W4B podcast designs.

W4B Logo.png

W4B Logo

The best podcast about rubbish old TV shows now has some merchandise.

CoD Logo Banner

Celebrate your love of smelly old gamebooks and the middle-aged men who play them with some merchandise!

Take Ten

If you like bad podcasts about bad movies you should own some bad merchandise to let people know about your bad taste.

W4B Avatar

Why not own something emblazoned with the social media avatar logo of your favourite podcasting duo? Why not? WHY?

Adventure Cheat

"You rolled another six? Of course you did..."


Looks like you didn't roll very well. And now it's just mush...

World's Strongest Budgie

Geoff just breeds them better.


Make every day feel like New Year's Eve in Germany with this drunken butler, being all drunk and falling over. A lot.

Yippee Ki-Yay, Jiffy-Bonzo!

Allsorts of censorship...

Drinking Your Nutrients

Don't let the weak ones get any sustenance!

Missing Mungo

Has anyone seen this guy? I hope he hasn't run into any giant crabs...

Be on the Moon

In space, no-one can hear you anyway...

Insert Quiz Music Here...

Or here. How about here? And here...

Bring Me To The Moon

I see your milkshake, and raise you...

My Wife

Save time by combining two terrible impressions in one!

Drago's Great Axe

You could use this design to be a cereal killer...

Brown Stuff

If your local tavern doesn't serve tea, accept no substitutes...

Say my name...

Accept it, you're Mr Whiskers...

Kick it off!

Kick it off, before it becomes mush



An Excel-Ent design rooted in fantasy and technology...


Five Finger Bookmark

Did your character die? Nah, that choice didn't count if you were using this handy item!


I AM king!

When you're in a cage and someone mocks you, you have to show them who's boss. Who's KING.

Kick off D20

Critical kick!


I 'Ate That Duck!

Monkeys hate duck hunts...

Aagh! Fisto!

When your meat is missing something you just can't put your finger on...


Justice For Mungo

He died doing what he loved...


At least he's good at crushing bones...



Nostalgia is overrated.

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