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5 weird things Martyn sent me while I was at Uni.

From 1998 to 2001 I was at university. Well, technically an institute of high education but that doesn't sound as good. I STILL GOT A DEGREE!

These were the dial up days of the internet when it was still quicker to send a letter than to bother turning on the PC. As a result Martyn and myself would send each other silly things in the post. In fact I probably put more effort into these letters than I did my studying. That and playing Resident Evil 2 on the PS1.

I kept all of the weird correspondence and below I have shared my five favourites. So if you are a regular listener to our podcasts and ever wondered how our minds worked in the late 90s you are in for a treat.

1. The Corrs get Hungry.

The disembodied heads of The Corrs working together to get some cookies.

You have to appreciate Martyn's craft knife skills on the hair flicks. Skills a serial killer would be proud of.

2. Mark's Book

This is actually a pretty good caricature of 20 year old me. My wife (then girlfriend) also got a book. Getting post used to be cool. We shared a hallway with other students in our block of flats. I wonder what they would have made of these if opened by mistake.

We also had a caretaker who hated students and shouted BEEP outside our door when drunk. Great days!

3. Madeley

What's not to love about this? Richard Madeley. CHECK! Hawking Dalek. CHECK!

This is pre-Photoshop so I have to give credit for the time this would have taken in Corel Draw. He used Comic Sans though. COMIC SANS! He'll be annoyed by that now.

4. Frosties 13 Day Advent Calendar

I seem to remember that this arrived at the tail end of January 1999 ready to count down to Valentines Day. It was used as was intended. NO PEEKING!

5. Kim Basinger's Oscar Spew-matic

Want to have nightmares? Look at this monstrosity. 17 year old Martyn may have needed to seek help.

Written by Mark

©WhenWagonWheelsWereBigger 2020

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